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Case Study #5: Newborn Photography

Newborns are a bundle of joy and parents love taking pictures of their baby. However, this process is easier said than done as many parents find out because there are so many variables at play that have to be taken into consideration. Let’s take a glance at the most important tips for quality newborn photography in this day and age. It is essential to move forward with this process in the right manner in order to get more out of the process right away.

Emphasis On Scene

You want to make sure the scene plays a role in how the newborn is being photographed. You don’t want to do what the average person is going to do because that will get boring in a hurry. Everyone has seen those average pictures that are fine, but are lacking a bit just because a person was not willing to be creative. At they really can show you how many scenes they have before you even hire her!

The emphasis should be on making the scene ‘pop’ a bit and stand out in order to help the baby also look better.

Siblings Are Nice

This is something most people do not take into consideration. The newborn does not have to be the only subject in the picture. It is fine to go out and use his/her siblings in the shot and let them hold the newborn as pictures are being taken.

Family shots are never unappreciated and they should be used whenever you can. A photo shoot that just has the newborn baby might not be as memorable as one that has all of the siblings involved.

Be Patient

This is another issue that many parents have especially those who are dealing with their first newborn. You have to be patient because the best possible shot might be right around the corner and your frustration might cause you to miss it completely.

Patience is key.

Newborns are definitely interesting subjects when it comes to taking photos and they will be quite moody at times too. This should not deter you as long as you have the tips in mind that have been pointed out here. You want to set the foundation for a quality photo shoot and then let whatever happens take place. It is not always going to go as smoothly as you want it to and that is part of life, however those who do follow these tips are already headed in the right direction.

Case Study #4: Using SEO On Your Website

If you are looking to boost sales and increase brand awareness, one important step you can take is to optimize your ratings with the major search engines. Doing this gives your business a real advantage, and it can help bring new customers to your doorstep.

While it is easy to understand the importance of bringing awareness to your business via the Internet, the task is not always so simple, and it isn’t one that just anyone can achieve overnight. This is where SEO experts come in. A search engine optimization agency can help to give your company the edge that it needs and bring a new level of brand awareness to your organization.

Hiring the right St. Louis SEO expert is key if you really want to get ahead of the competition. When it comes to doing this, it is important to interview several agencies and ask some important questions that can help you to understand their level of expertise and skill.


First and foremost, you need to find out others opinions on the St. Louis SEO expert you are considering. There are a couple of ways to go about this. First, take the time to check out reviews about the company on the Internet. The Internet can serve as a valuable resource and it can help you to understand the pros and cons of working with this company. Be aware that all Internet reviews are not legit though, so it is important to check out reputable websites and also take the time to ask the SEO company for references and make contact with them.

After you have found out that the company has a solid rating in the community, you need to get a better idea of how they plan to improve your search ratings. Ask the companies you are considering to present you with a proposal. Make sure it includes an initial review of your website that points out any flaws or concerns. Then make sure they have a plan as to how to remedy those flaws. You want a company that plans to actively blog about your business and link your site with other reputable sites in order to increase exposure.

Finally, it is important to understand the company’s fees and guarantees. While no company can 100 percent guarantee that you’ll be on top of Google’s page in a week, the SEO firm should show a commitment toward making improvements and back it up with a fair guarantee. Also, be leary of any company that asks you to sign long term contracts or agreements especially if there is no trial period involved.

Every company can benefit from improved Internet exposure, and one of the best ways to achieve this goal is by hiring an experienced, reputable SEO expert in St. Louis. Check out your options, and make sure to address the three questions listed above with each one. By doing so, you will increase your chances of hiring the right firm and improving your company’s bottom line.

Case Study #3:

The Focus T25 workout program has been creating quite a stir in many fitness circles around the globe. It is actually a DVD workout program that is specially designed to give you a great looking body. This program is released by “Beachbody” which has been releasing some of the most popular and effective workout programs in the past. This is why many people had so much of expectations about their latest release the Focus T25. This article will provide a comprehensive review about the Focus T25 workout program.


The program was authored by Shaun T. He was the person behind the highly successful workouts such as Insanity Workout and Insanity Asylum Vol-1 & 2. He has a special degree in Sports Science while functioning as a fitness trainer and choreographer for a long time now. Shaun T actually created the T25 workout plan for Carl Daikeler, the CEO of Beachbody. This allowed Carl to stay in great shape while following a busy schedule. They came together in order to release this highly successful workout program to the general public. This is the birth of the highly effective workout program – Focus T25.

The T25 workout program was created for people who wanted quick results from their workouts but those who were afraid to punish themselves with rigorous exercises day after day. This is where the earlier programs of Beachbody differs from T25. You need to exercise only for 25-minutes a day with moderate exercises in the T25 program. This program is great for a complete beginner to fitness as well as a pro in fitness. Both of these categories can derive the best results from this workout program. Most of the exercises in the program are body-weight types where you use your own body to create the resistance. You will not need to count the reps but do as many as you can within the stipulated 30-seconds or one minute.

This workout program is not for the person who want to sculpt a great body by lying on the couch lazily. You need to do some work if you want to sculpt the ideal body for you. The T25 will take you through an effective schedule telling you what to do on a daily basis. This is the importance of this effective workout program. All in all, the Focus T25 is one of the most effective workout regimes out there.

Case Study #2: is an online wholesaler of fashionable handbags and accessories. Although this company is a wholesaler, they also offer their products to the public at wholesale prices. The company, Purse Obsession, is located in southern California. For any online merchant, the success of the business often relies heavily on the design of the website. This article will explore some of the design elements of this website to see how they benefit the customer’s shopping experience.


When you land on the home page, you are greeted by a dynamic slideshow of the key highlights of the company. You are introduced to the fall collection. You see a promotion for free shipping for purchases over $300. You see an announcement of 10% off of all wholesale lots. A slideshow is an effective way to direct the visitor’s attention to the most important messages that the merchant wants to convey. This slideshow is well made and concise in its messages.

The top of the page also prominently displays a couple of special promotions. One of them is again the free shipping for orders over $300. The other is a promotional code that gives you a $25 discount for purchases over $500. The positioning of these special promotions is perfect. At any time during the shopper’s visit, she will be reminded that there are deals that she can take advantage of. There is no need to hunt and search for a discount code because she can see it right at the top of the page. This reinforces the incentives to purchase.

The website is very well-organized and clean. The merchandise categories are clearly listed at the left-hand navigation column. The products are divided into numerous popular categories, like designer inspired bags, evening bags, and hobo bags, just to name a few. There is a separate section for bag and wallet sets. If the shopper is interested in purses wholesale, she can find those categories here conveniently as well.

This column also includes a separate section for merchandise that is sold at an incredibly low price. You can find wallets for under $5 and handbags for under $8. For a lot of shoppers who are on a tight budget, they can go right to this section and find a wonderful selection of bags and wallets that are offered at very low prices. This is an effective way to attract the price-conscious shoppers.

There is even a separate section for people who want to shop by color. For example, if you are looking for a bag to match a specific outfit, and you are only interested in red handbags, just click on that link and you will be directed to an attractive array of stylish red bags. For shoppers who have very specific color requirements, this section allows the shopper to find what she needs quickly.

The products in each category are neatly laid out in a grid pattern. For each product, there is a thumbnail image along with a brief description and the price. If the product is on sale or if it is sold out, you can clearly see that information. A click on a product will take you to the main product page where you can get a more extensive description and a larger image. The image resolution is high in quality so you can really see the details of the bag to help you make an informed purchase.

Next to the cart button, there is information about how many units are left in stock for that particular item. This is helpful information for the shopper and it can influence her purchase decision. If there are only one or two units left, the shopper is likely to make the purchase on the spot to avoid missing out on something that she wants.

Once you click on the cart button, the item is added to your shopping cart. The top of the page displays a helpful confirmation that your selection has been added. It also has a reminder for customers to create an account if you will be browsing for while and are not ready to finalize your purchase. Creating an account allows you to save your selections and complete your purchase later. This is very convenient for the shopper.


Each product page also has recommendations on other products in the category. These suggestions are helpful in upselling related products. Each page also has a box that reminds shoppers to contact the company if they need assistance. This company clearly pays attention to offering great service because they make sure that their contact information is easy to find.

On top of the page, there is a handy mini cart that reminds you how many items you have added to the cart and how much the subtotal is. Again, this is a great design element for the customer’s convenience. She does not have to keep clicking on the shopping cart button to see what she has already added.

An element that is worth mentioning is the SSL logo near the bottom of the left-hand column. People who shop online are very aware of the potential security issues when they make purchases online. Displaying the SSL logo prominently on the website reassures the shoppers that their information will be handled in the most secure way. This verifies the authenticity of the merchant. When a shopper has a choice of buying from a merchant that displays this logo versus another who displays nothing, she will most likely choose the more secure store.

The website of is well put together. The merchant really paid attention to what customers like to get in their shopping experience. Products are organized well in helpful categories. Promotions and discounts are easily found. Whether the shopper wants to shop by price or by style, she will not be able to find what she wants quickly. The website is very easy to use. This is a fine example of how an online store should look like. When a customer has a positive shopping experience, she will have reasons to come back and buy more.

Review #1: Reddit

This is seriously my favorite site on the world wide web, which is why I made it my first review.

Reddit does a great job of keeping their site very simple. This allows for everyone who has been on Reddit to be able to navigate it and enjoy it easily. The best websites do this to make sure they don’t scare potential visitors away. Sites that are very complex and hard to navigate get very few visitors.

Also, the front page immediately draws you in. There is no questioning what post you want to go into, because the content is laid out in headers and images to draw your interest to whatever you want to look at.

Its biggest strength is also its biggest weakness. Reddit kind of adopts the “if its not broken don’t fix it” mentality. In all the years that I have been on the site I have not seen one update to the interface. I think the old style may eventually have to be updated slightly, but don’t get me wrong they still need to keep it simple.

Overall I would give Reddit 4.5 stars out of 5!